About Us

Korean Culture and Language School of Oklahoma

Our school started in January of 2002. Our purpose was to open a facility where Korean as well as other interested students can learn more about the language as well as the culture of Korea. We started school at Taft Middle School in Oklahoma City. We had over 60 students and 13 teachers as well as numerous volunteers at that time.

오클라호마 한인학교


We moved to the last facility as of July, 2003. We find that the facility is smaller but nevertheless the school was on its own where teachers did not have to carry the supplies and blackboard every week. Then we moved to the current location in Jan 2023 which has a gym and multiple class rooms.

Our school is structured so that students can learn the language portion of the curriculum in the morning, followed by a brief lunch. In the afternoon, for 2 hours, we have the cultural aspect of the curriculum. It involves traditional dancing classes, art classes, and musical instrument classes. The cultural curriculum changes periodically.

In teaching the language and culture to the students who are raised outside of Korea, we like to instill the Korean value system, cultural exposure, and most importantly self-respect and self confidence.

The school is a non-profit organization listed under the Internal Revenue Service Section 501 C (3). We encourage community support financially as well as with their time. We consider all of these to be a worthwhile effort for our children.


The mission of this school is to teach Korean culture and language to second generation Koreans and non-Koreans living in the state of Oklahoma thus promoting the culture and language of Korea and assisting public awareness of Korean culture.